Reasons for allowance (37 C.F.R. 1.104(e))

미국 특허법 시행령 37 C.F.R. 1.104(e)는 USPTO 심사관의 Reasons for allowance에 대하여 규정하고 있는데, 다음과 같이 시작한다.


1.104 Nature of examination

(e) Reasons for allowance. If the examiner believes that the record of the prosecution as a whole does not make clear his or her reasons for allowing a claim or claims, the examiner may set forth such reasoning.


즉, 심사관이 심사과정에서 자신이 결정한 특허 등록결정 사유가 불명확하다고 판단된다면, “Reasons for allowance”를 기재할 수 있다는 것이다.

최근 법원에서, USPTO에 의하여 허여된 특허의 권리범위 내지 무효여부를 판단함에 있어, 이러한 심사관의 기술 (statements) 내용이 중요하게 고려되는 경우가 많아지고 있다.


유념할 것은 Reasons for allowance는 심사관이 반드시 기재해야 할 의무사항이 아니라 재량이라는 점이다.

그러나 37 C.F.R. 1.104(e)의 목적이 심사 전반에 걸쳐 그 심사의 질을 향상하고 등록된 특허의 권리범위를 명확히 한다는 것에 있으므로, 심사관이 자신의 심사결과를 온전하게 기록하는 심사이력 (file history) 에 특허 등록결정 사유를 명확하게 기재할 책임이 생기는 것이다.


USPTO 심사관 교육자료 (Improving clarity and reasoning in Office Actions training: Reasons for allowance) 에는 다음과 같이 기재하고 있다.

Setting forth of reasons for allowance is not mandatory, but it is incumbent upon the examiner in exercising his or her responsibility to the public, to see that the file history is as complete as is reasonably possible.


MPEP 1302.14 (II) 에는 Reasons for allowance 가 기재되어야 하는 경우에 대하여 기재하고 있다. 다음과 같다:

  • Claims are allowed on the basis of one of a number of arguments and/or affidavits presented, and a statement is necessary to identify which of those were persuasive,
  • First action allowance,
  • Withdrawal of a rejection for reasons not suggested by applicant,
  • Allowance after remand from the PTAB,
  • Allowance coincident with the citation of newly found references that are very close to the claims, but claims are considered patentable thereover,
  • Allowance based on a claim interpretation which might not be readily apparent, for example, a 112(f) interpretation not previously made on the record,
  • Allowance following decision by the CAFC,
  • Where the claims are considered patentable over the X and/or Y references cited in a search report of a corresponding PCT application and the reasons for allowance are not apparent from the record, and
  • Where the reasons for allowance are of record but, in the examiner’s judgment, are unclear (e.g., spread throughout the file history) so that an unreasonable effort would be required to collect them.


그리고 상기 심사관 교육자료에 의하면, Reasons for allowance에는 다음의 사항이 포함되어야 한다.

  1. the major difference in the claims not found in the prior art of record;
  2. the reasons why that difference is considered to define patentably over the prior art of record; and
  3. any reasons other than prior art issues, such as why rejections under 35 USC 112 or 101 were overcome and withdrawn.

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